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iPad Skin Review

Why Buy an iPad Skin?

Do you remember the first time you unboxed your iPad? Tearing off the shrink-wrap, pulling the thin, shiny piece of technology from the box, turning it over and over as you gazed at its beauty? Do remember the feel of the cool metal and plastic in your hand as you reveled in the smooth touch screen, the curve of the frame and the back with the prominent Apple logo? Now do you remember how hesitant you were to remove the protective plastic? That flimsy film was all that stood between your iPad and the world. You could put it in an iPad case, but that would add bulk. Fortunately, using an iPad skin will help protect your beautiful iPad from the inevitable scratching that waits.

iPad Skins: What to Look For

Why have an iPad that looks just like everyone else's? iPad skins let you express your unique sense of style. Long gone are the days where you only had a few colors to choose from. Many iPad skin manufacturers offer unique designs and often have an option to let you import and use your own images, so you can be as creative as you want. iPad cases can sport the logo of your favorite team or school or feature your favorite actor or video game. The sky's the limit!

iPad skins are made from a variety of materials ranging from wood, vinyl, leather, carbon fiber and metal, though the most common material is vinyl. Skins have a textured or printed side and an adhesive side that leaves no residue upon removal from the iPad. When you choose a material for your skin, take into account what reflects your personality and fits into your lifestyle.

One of the best things about iPad skins is the wide variety of designs and colors available. If you want to change your look, or make a statement, a skin is an inexpensive option. Some skins are only good for a single use; once you remove it, you can't put it back on again. However, the best skins allow you to reuse the skin should you decide to remove it. This lets you change your iPad's appearance to match your mood or personality with ease.

To protect your iPad from scratches, you don't have to entomb your iPad in a bulky case. Look for customizable and reusable skins made from a material that fits your style, and you will find the perfect skin to protect your iPad from scratches while looking great and showcasing your unique sense of style.

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